Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baltimore, my second home

Last weekend, after a two-day work event in DC, my best friend Tim picked me up for a weekend adventure in Baltimore! For those that don't know, Baltimore is basically my second home. I'm a huge Orioles fan (we're ranked #1 in the American League!!!!) and I embrace all the awesomeness Baltimore has to offer...1 2 3  

On Saturday we "got our preak on" at the Baltimore Preakness horse race. Now I must admit, I didn't watch any of the horse races but that's pretty much what you sign up for when you get an infield ticket. The infield had mug-club beers tents with performances by Maroon 5, Wiz Khalifa, Mr. Greengenes, Little Big Town, and The Darkness. Honestly, Little Big Town rocked my world with a country cover of Born This Way...EPIC! I saw bits and pieces of the other shows throughout the day, but nothing compares to Born This Way & Boondocks in one set. 

Oh and here is this crazy lady I encountered. She was a hoot and a half. I wish I would have taken video because photos don't fully capture her shenanigans.
As you can see from these photos we all had a blast dancing and drinking in the sunshine. Horse race or no horse race I'm always down for day drinking.

After we settled down, napped, and showered we all headed out to a Steve Aoki show!
FYI, if you ever go to one of his shows and plan to be in the prepared to get cake, champagne, cranberry juice, or other random/crazy things thrown on you throughout his set. People also crowd surf hardcore--both the natural way and on a pool float, ha!
It was a great way to end a perfect day with my Baltimore favorites.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Washington D.C.

Last week I went to DC for two days to help out with a live event for work. We had some extra time on Thursday (our set up day) for a mini frolicking adventure so of course I took advantage...

I must say, the white house look so much larger on TV! 
 "The biggest phallic symbol of our country"
The Capitol
 Some really important guy. One day I'll have my own statue that people instagram about ;) 
The MOST epic post office I have ever seen in my entire life! It's like a small castle. 
Chinatown! We ate dinner at Ping Pong Dim Sum, a modernized Chinese tapas restaurant. I completely forgot to take photos of the yum yums we ordered so you'll just have to take my word that it was delicious!

D.C. you are a pretty cool town, I will have to visit you again soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding Weekend

The NEW Mr. & Mrs. DiLella

From start to finish the DiLella wedding weekend was a blast. It was so great to catch up with the whole family, some of whom I hadn't seen since freshman year of high school! Kyle and Ashley exchange vows on Holy Cross' campus, where they went to college, and began their new life together on one of the most gorgeous days we have had so far this year. After the beautiful ceremony everyone celebrated the new union by busting a move on the dance floor and showering Kyle & Ashley with love and well wishes. Congrats Kyle & Ash, I wish you both a lifetime of love & happiness! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Check My Spanish

An accurate description of my life...

And now for another crazy weekend in Baltimore, including the PREAKNESS!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Weddings Vs. Concerts

Wedding or concert? "Who gives a shit? It's a great band, it's a bad band, it's like pizza, baby. There's music in the air!"

This weekend I'm taking a break from my concert going to celebrate the union of my friends Kyle & Ashley in Boston. However, if you are in Philly this weekend are looking for a good time here is the breakdown of amazing concerts you should be attending...

Friday | Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes 
Saturday | M. Ward
Saturday [option dos] | Regina Spektor

Enjoy the great music Philadelphians, Carly and I will be getting our cray on at this wicked cool wedding! Prepare yourself for some epic stories and photos to come =)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy Bee

The past couple months I have been crazy busy with work and extracurricular activities. March was by far my busiest month of concerts ever (7), and I received the Award of Excellence at work in April! You gotta work hard to play hard, and I certainly know how to play hard...
St. Patty's Day
Dr. Dog @ The Electric Factory
 Delta Spirit @ Union Transfer 
He never looks at the camera (1, 2)
Liz's 23rd Birthday in Atlantic City, NJ
Reuniting with my La Salle lovers
"It feels so good to be exactly where I was one year ago"
Showing the freshmen who's boss
 and of course lots of love & Tom shoe wearin'<3

May should be no different, a wedding this weekend, the Preakness and other Baltimore craziness the following weekend and a glorious 3-day weekend to end May. In fact I already started off this jam packed month with some extra special fun: The Broad Street Run -- a ten mile run down Broad Street in Philadelphia...
 Best long distance race yet! 8:32/mile pace
More photos and adventures to comes, stay tuned ツ