Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tortilla Lasagna

I'm usually drawn to Mexican-style dishes so when we came across Tortilla Lasagna it was an easy decision for this week's Festive-Friday dinner.

We used corn tortillas instead of flour--and since they only seem to make small corn tortillas we made our own personal-sized lasagnas instead of a whole pan. It says to toast the tortillas before layering but I would probably skip that step next time. We also added a layer of guacamole to the mix, which is basically a must in any Mexican-styled dish. A delicious and interesting twist on lasagna.

Portugal: The Land of Jokesters

Out of all the places we visited during our two week adventure I probably knew the least about Portugal. Well my friends it turns out that Portugal is a magnificent place with a rich history, unique castles, delicious local foods (especially cod!), extremely helpful/welcoming people, and of course jokesters. In fact I believe Portugal actually means Land of Jokesters in Portuguese (...Scholars maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago), ha!

But in all seriousness Portugal was probably my favorite part of the trip; Lisbon is a relatively calm city similar to San Fransisco with it's hilly landscapes, trolley cars and red bridge! The elegant buildings sit along a hilly coast line, perfectly contrasting with the cloudless blue skies. Plus, when you only know one word in the native language (obrigado - thank you) everything automatically becomes more exotic ;)

Man if I thought I was in-love with Madrid, I don't even know what to call my fascination with Portugal! This is certainly not my last trip to this amazing country.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Comida en Madrid

With the exception of the first couple photos (which were all from our vegetarian with our host family) I feel like the food in Madrid is more traditional Spanish food than what we ate in Barcelona. I enjoyed trying new dishes (despite the widespread use of ham--no thank you!) and even had some more of those delicious padron peppers. 

Oh, and I don't understand how the Spanish population isn't a gazillion pounds that simultaneously suffers from diabetes; they eat gelato like it's their job, ha!