Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baltimore, my second home

Last weekend, after a two-day work event in DC, my best friend Tim picked me up for a weekend adventure in Baltimore! For those that don't know, Baltimore is basically my second home. I'm a huge Orioles fan (we're ranked #1 in the American League!!!!) and I embrace all the awesomeness Baltimore has to offer...1 2 3  

On Saturday we "got our preak on" at the Baltimore Preakness horse race. Now I must admit, I didn't watch any of the horse races but that's pretty much what you sign up for when you get an infield ticket. The infield had mug-club beers tents with performances by Maroon 5, Wiz Khalifa, Mr. Greengenes, Little Big Town, and The Darkness. Honestly, Little Big Town rocked my world with a country cover of Born This Way...EPIC! I saw bits and pieces of the other shows throughout the day, but nothing compares to Born This Way & Boondocks in one set. 

Oh and here is this crazy lady I encountered. She was a hoot and a half. I wish I would have taken video because photos don't fully capture her shenanigans.
As you can see from these photos we all had a blast dancing and drinking in the sunshine. Horse race or no horse race I'm always down for day drinking.

After we settled down, napped, and showered we all headed out to a Steve Aoki show!
FYI, if you ever go to one of his shows and plan to be in the prepared to get cake, champagne, cranberry juice, or other random/crazy things thrown on you throughout his set. People also crowd surf hardcore--both the natural way and on a pool float, ha!
It was a great way to end a perfect day with my Baltimore favorites.

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