Sunday, February 3, 2013


Walking home from the train Wednesday night I was hit by a car. Yes, you read that correctly, hit by a car. It all happened so fast. I was walking on the cross walk with plenty of time left to reach the other side when out of nowhere a car to which I assumed was turning behind me turned into me. 

Given the entire situation I am extremely lucky, and for many reasons. Even though a Toyota Camry had just plowed into me, I wasn't badly injured so I was able to hop up in time from being hit by now oncoming traffic. The man who hit me was very nice and waited around for an hour after the accident to complete a police report when he could have easily dodged a bullet and left the scene. Please note this an excessive amount of waiting considering a police station is literally catty-corner from where the accident took place. After a relatively quick hospital visit I was okay to go home with some minor scrapes and bruising. 

In the days that followed the accident it became more and more surreal--Did I really get hit by a car? Who gets hit by a car?! Well apparently I do folks; let's just add this to the list of bizarre accidents that have occurred in my lifetime. But like I said, at the end of the day I was extremely lucky and I could not be happier that I didn't break or permanently injure myself in anyway.

Phew, I guess 2013 is going to be a little crazier than I anticipated. Let's hope my next adventure is a little less dramatic and life threatening.


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    1. Yeah not something you hear of everyday. It's so weird. Kind of hard to fully digest.