Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The end is not near, its HERE!

The one and only Buckley's Tavern has officially closed it's doors. I don't think it has quite hit me that I will never work another shift let alone even visit the restaurant again. As any job does, Buckley's had its ups and downs, its good and bad co-workers and of course the most crazy amazing unforgettable memories and friendships. Saturday through Monday was a giant shitshow-celebration-fest and here are some of my favorite memories with the Buckley's crew...
 Yeahhhh it got crayyyy on Saturday night!
The girls! 
Penis glasses, enough said
Tav Squad! My two favorite people to work with <3 <3
Things just got crazy! Love the buckley's crew!

It may not hit me for a couple weeks that Buckley's is no more but at least I can always look back at all the amazing memories and friendships from the last 5 years. ❤

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