Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Black Keys Rocked My World

In case you don't know this already, I'm completely obsessed with the new Black Key's album El Camino. If you haven't listened to it already I highly suggest you do, it will change your life and have you dancing all over your room. The first time I heard the whole album was almost as good as listening to Led Zeppelin IV--amazing and heavenly. I was so excited when Kevin bought me the tickets for Christmas; the past two months couldn't fly by fast enough!

Kevin and I arrived just in time to grab a (large) beer and plot ourselves center stage, awaiting The Black Keys to rock our world. 
Unfortunately I left my camera at home thinking I wouldn't be able to get it through security at the Wells Fargo Center but they didn't even do a pat-down at the door. Slightly annoying since my iphone isn't snazzy enough to take good photos or videos (#firstworldproblems). So enjoy my far away slightly blurry photos...
The Black Keys came out strong with Howlin' For You and Next Girl off their previous album, Brothers, before moving onto the new El Camino songs (full set list below). From start to finish The Black Keys had the crowd, myself very much included, dancing all over the place. This rock-star duo certainly knows how to put on a great rock show covering most of the songs off the new album and mixing in some older classics. 
Overall, I thought the concert was awesome! I wish they had played all of the songs off the new album (Sister, Hell of a Season, Mind Eraser, and Stop Stop were not played), but even still there was a great mix of new and old to keep me groovin'. If only they were going to be at Bonnaroo again this year!
Oh, and shout out to the random guy who gave me a free beer! Black Key fans are pretty generous =)

The Black Keys, March 10, 2012 - Philadelphia
1. Howlin’ for You
2. Next Girl
3. Run Right Back
4. Same Old Thing
5. Dead and Gone
6. Gold on the Ceiling 
7. Thickfreakness
8. Girl Is On My Mind
9. I’ll Be Your Man
10. Your Touch
11. Little Black Submarines
12. Money Maker
13. Strange Times
14. Chop and Change
15. Nova Baby 
16. Ten Cent Pistol
17. Tighten Up
18. Lonely Boy
Encore break
19. Everlasting Light
20. She’s Long Gone
21. I Got Mine
*Thanks to The Swollen Fox for helping me find some good vids from last night =)

For some good photos of The Black Keys in Philly check out Philadelphia Weekly - They were a little closer than I was ;)


  1. So glad you had an awesome time! I hope one day I'll get to see them... I'm so pissed they're not on the Bonnaroo lineup and not stopping in Nashville on this tour. Really, Black Keys? Really?

    Anyway, love you and miss you!

    1. I wish you could have been there with me! I was literally dancing the entire concert..Soo freakin' good! And boo The Black Key's tour manager. Seriously how do they NOT stop in NASHVILLE?!