Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The past three weeks have been the most jammed packed, insanely-awesome, most memorable, and over-stimulated days of my life (thus far)! Starting off with two full weeks frolicking around Europe with my Twinnie, followed by a week of anniversary celebrations, extensive concert going, and shady reunions with lost luggage. I must say, I sure do keep it interesting for anyone actually keeping track...

Europe was absolutely amazing. Though I will try in the coming days (let's be real...weeks) to describe all my adventures in full detail, no photos or words can truly illustrate the culture, revelations, and simple beauties I encountered throughout my most epic adventure yet. That being said, I will still try my best to give you the utmost detailed account of my travelings around Spain, Ibiza, and Portugal.

Sneak peak:
I have a new fruit obsession [peaches].
There are no beaches in [Ibiza].
I have officially made it past the [24th hour]. 
I'm a [bad ass], but we already knew that.

Now, one would think after two incredible weeks in Europe I would return home depressed, with slight separation anxiety after leaving Elizabeth's side, only able to leave my room for chocolate milk, popcorn, and dark-chocolate-peanut M&M's (emotional eating much?). BUT, I did not! I kept going like the busy bee that I am, from one meeting, activity, and fun celebration to the next. I was able to avoid these post-vacation blues for many reasons, including but not exclusively, my full time job that pays me to wake up at 6:30 each morning and interact with the healthcare professionals of America. It also doesn't hurt that I was still feeling the buzz from my European-vacation, in addition to being terribly sleep deprived from all my gallivanting, combined with the delusional state one encounters after crossing 6 timezones–so really I had no choice but to continue on with my hectic routine of work, concerts, running, drinking, and very little sleep.

Though nothing can truly compare to two weeks in Europe (I unfortunately had to turn down a ticket to burning man which would have been pretty darn close) the rest of my summer is shaping up to be pretty sweet in it's own right: Concerts (of course), lake house trips, Baltimore baseball, beach days, and planning some fall festivities including my awesome birthday week.

Not to say that I wasn't enjoying life before my two week vacation, but everything has certainly fallen into place ever since. Sometimes you just need a break from the everyday grind. I am so happy and grateful that I was not only able to take a vacation, but to have the opportunity to experience such beautiful and culturally unique places; I'm a lucky gal.

More crazy photos and stories to come.

Oh, and I finally gave in.


  1. This makes me so happy! I'm thrilled that your vacation was so wonderful and that your life is happy and in the right place. Can't wait to hear all the stories, and I REALLY can't wait to visit you!!! Love you <3

    1. I'm beyond excited for you to visit! It will be an epic weekend to say the least =)