Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Year One.

Today marks my first full year of post-college employment. In some ways it feels like I just started a couple months ago, but in many other ways I feel like this could almost be my second or third year.

I sit here today reflecting on all that has happened in the past year––my successes and failures, the good and bad days––all of which have been a tremendous learning experience, one that I will take with me as I begin my second year in the work force.

I am certainly much more confident, collected, and wiser than the person who walked into this office one year ago. The first day was a blur of nervous hand shakes, faces and names I could barely remember, information overload of our complicated (unique) company structure. It took nearly eight months for it to finally sink in that I was no longer at an internship, but was a real component to the success of my department projects. #happyplace 

Year two has a promising ring to it: a new apartment (amazing location), a promotion (fingers crossed), more frolicking adventures (of course), and many unknown surprises to come (no babies)!

Cheers to an amazing first year and to many more!

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