Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yesterday Kevin and I enjoyed an awesome Valentines Day together! Neither of us are very big on the holiday--we usually just exchange a huge pile of candy and call it a day--BUT this year we attended Franks and Deans: Valentine's Day Lovers Ball! Now that sounds super mushy-gushy lovie-dovie but really it was an awesome excuse to pretend like it was the 1950's, singing and dancing along to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs.
It was the bee's knees for sure! I had a blast dancing the night away to some classic tunes, and I must say the Wadsworth Sisters blew my mind away, especially Ali! Phew! Her voice is definitely something to write home about, or at least on your blog (badum ching ::wink::) 
Her voice was magical!
Valentines day or not the gang put on a great performance. It was definitely a memorable Valentines day and I hope they put on some more Frank & Dean shows...I mean who doesn't need a little more Sinatra in their life?!

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