Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Lost in Lisbon

Before heading to the airport to go back to Spain, Elizabeth and I tried to squeeze one last adventure in: Jardim do Ultramar - Lisbon's tropical gardens. We searched high and low, asked multiple people, and went in circle for quite some time before coming across a small park that we thought (more likely hoped) it was the Jardim do Ultramar.
It was in fact not the tropical garden we were looking for but for our own sanity we like to think we found the tropical garden that day and enjoyed the quite beauty of the small park.
Even though we didn't find the tropical garden we did run into another jokester. There was a man dressed in a very nice suit passed out on a park bench who was woken up by a police officer passing by--who was already rounding up the homeless people. It was quite a scene: A very well dressed man, clearly hungover, had quite the night (possibly kicked out of his girlfriends house) prior and was struggling that morning as we watched from afar. Nothing like a bunch of Portuguese jokesters to brighten your day. Moral of the story: you don't need to see a tropical garden in Portugal, any park will do and Portugal is full of jokesters you are certain to run into at least one no matter what the situation may be.

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