Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Until Next Time España

And so it came, my very last day in Spain. Half of which was spent completely exhausted and slightly hungover from the most epic night of my life and the other half trying to celebrate my last night with Elizabeth after such an amazing adventure together.

After a minor break down due to my debit card being eaten by a foreign ATM we found a cute little Peruvian restaurant for dinner and shared a delicious bottle of wine.

After dinner we took one last stroll around Madrid, stopped for one last scoop of Gelato, and took one last photo...
What a lovely trip! From start to finish I was completely blown away the history, culture, and mouthwatering food throughout Spain and Portugal. I can't wait to start planning my next big adventure. Where will my frolicking take me in 2013!?

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  1. Sad these posts are over :( But can't wait to plan 2013 adventures! Wheeee, Eastern Europe here we come!!!