Wednesday, November 14, 2012

October: The Craziest Month of My Life

Phew! This past October was definitely one of the busiest months of my life. Between the 14 concerts I attended (including #100), being swamped at my new job, birthday celebrations, Orioles playoff runs, family occasions and visits from far-away friends I can honestly say October kicked my butt! I finally finished posting about Europe from this summer (ha) and can get back to all the festive Friday recipes that have been stuck in my draft folder and perhaps more current frolicking adventures.

October Gram-Moments

1. Concert #100
2. New phone!
3. Festive Friday
4. Birthday celebrations
5. Orioles playoff run
6. Bloctoberfest
7. Toy Soldiers
8. Historic Philadelphia
9. Fall
10. The perfect shot
11. Spoken word
12. The best bottle of wine with Steph
13. Tequila Shots
14. Poe's House
15. Hurricane Sandy
16. Halloween
I'm telling ya, October was packed to the brim with various engagements and though I had a blast I am looking forward to a semi relaxed couple of weeks before the holiday madness starts up.

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