Sunday, August 19, 2012

Africa Reunions

Before I jump into my European Adventures I need to have a quick shout out to my Africa-reunion month of June! That's right I was ever so lucky to reunite with four of my friends from my study abroad in Tanzania throughout the month of June.

First there was fellow master jokester
Hanging out with Steph at Bonnaroo this year was magical. Not only was it great to see Steph's beautiful face again, but I finally got to meet her awesome sister Sarah! Stephanie is one of the most passionate, caring and intelligent people I know and I am so glad to have her as a friend. Counting down the days till she visits Philadelphia this fall!

Now, I knew that I would see Steph at Bonnaroo and Elizabeth in Spain, but my next reunion was completely random and perfect in its own way.
Katrina, aka Katreeeen-Bean, just so happened to be in Philadelphia for a conference in June with our other study-abroad friend AJ. We all met up for some beers in South Philly, catching up on the past year or so and enjoying each others' company once again. Hanging out with Katrina and AJ for the night made me miss all of my Tanzania-lovas and crave a good old-fashion African adventure.
Finally, after nearly a year and a half without seeing each other in person, I reunited with Elizabeth in Spain!
Ironically Elizabeth and I have yet to actually see each other in the United States, which is fine because our international adventures are always the most memorable. Twins and traveling buddies forever ッ


  1. Love this! Miss you AND Katrina AND AJ AND Elizabeth. We need a huge Africa reunion!

    1. I totally agree! I was mesmerized by AJ's thick accent all night and was craving a via-via night!