Monday, August 20, 2012


The three days I spent in Barcelona flew by way too quickly--it was almost as if it was one never-ending night of unique food, new friends, and beautiful art. I arrived in Barcelona mid afternoon on the last Saturday of June, fairly sleep-deprived after only getting a few hours of sleep on the flight over, but was quickly rejuvenated by the sight of Elizabeth waiting for me across the street. It almost felt like a scene from Inception, or perhaps an actual dream, seeing my best friend for the first time in over a year in Spain of all places! I of course caused a commotion by shrieking when I saw her and immediately running over for a giant hug. At some point the adrenaline kicked in from realizing I was finally in Spain and about to have the most amazing two week vacation of my life thus far and I was able to stay up for nearly 24 hours straight.

Elizabeth and I used airbandb to book our stay throughout the trip and it was by far the best decision we could have ever made. Our view...
Jami, our host in Barcelona, is originally from southern California but has lived in Barcelona for the past 12 years. She lives in the Gothic area of Barcelona, which is absolutely gorgeous--from the old stone castle-like buildings to the winding cobblestone streets I was immediately in love with the city. Besides the perfect location, Jami's hospitality and beautiful spirit made our stay in Barcelona so memorable.

Our first night in Barcelona Jami invited Elizabeth and I out to dinner with her friends Rachel and Steven both of whom are also from the United States. We went in search of tapas, a common style of Spanish food originating in Madrid, and eventually found a cute little spot to enjoy some much needed yum yums.
This is a pink elephant, a pink elephant that no one wanted but a random guy "gave us" in hopes of receiving a donation. Strangely enough street sellers are apparently allowed to wander through restaurants and push their unwanted products to the people eating. Slightly annoying at the time, but this pink elephant became quite the random addition to our wonderful night and always brings a smile to my face when I randomly find in it my purse every now and then.
After a delightful dinner, including the ever so famous tomato-paste bread, Pimientos de Padron (delicious green peppers), Gazpacho and Spanish tortilla (similar to a quiche but usually egg, potato, and onion) we ventured around the town eventually ending up on the beach and dipping our feet in the Mediterranean Sea. The water was warm, the sand was cool and we all stood knee deep, soaking in the beautiful night air.

We eventually parted ways with the sea in search for Gelato and a quick night tour of the Gothic area. Jami was an amazing guide, showing us around and explaining in great detail the importance and historical context of various buildings and monuments.

The first day in Barcelona was long, but a fantastic way to begin the trip.

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