Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ibiza and Beaches are NOT Synonymous

So apparently Elizabeth, myself, and the rest of America missed the memo about Ibiza not having a plethora of beaches. It appeared to be common knowledge for everyone in Europe, but for two excited Americans dreaming of endless parties and beaches, we fell a little short on the later.
After finally finding our hotel Elizabeth and I quickly threw on our swimsuits and went in search of the glorious beaches we had been daydreaming about for months. Little did we know Ibiza's idea of a beach is not the same as ours. We walked around the rocky coasts for awhile hoping that we were just "missing" it.
Well my friends, we had no luck finding beaches the first night in Ibiza but we did however find a classic Jokester, catch a free Lenny Kravitz show, watched the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea, and of course made some new friends who we later had a sing-a-long with!
This guy, yes the one dressed in all orange, is one of the best Jokesters I've encountered to-date. He sat on his little area of rocky coast, drinking, laughing and enjoying his "tea" while we starred in amazement from afar.
This super preppy guy ended up making friends with Mr. Jokester after he proceeded to pee into the ocean rather than finding an actual bathroom. These two were quite the show for everyone in the surrounding area--a lot of laughing, drug/alcohol exchanging, and the most hand-motions I've ever seen in one conversation.
We eventually ended up hanging out with some people from Isle of Man, and proceeded to find the most deserted bar on the entire island to have a classic 90's jam session in. Wonderwall and, of course, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song were among the random assortment of songs played.
We never made it to a crazy club or anything but we had just as much fun roaming around and making our own Ibiza memories. But the night did end with some fireworks...

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