Sunday, September 16, 2012

Catching up on Festive Fridays

After a tiring week at my new job we decided keep it low-key with one of our favorite go-to meals for last week's festive Friday: Peanut Stew
Peanut Stew is very easy to make and never fails to be delicious. We follow the recipe pretty closely though we usually do without thyme but always add cumin to spice things up.

This week we went all out in true Festive-Friday fashion: corn risotto and oven-baked salmon
This was our first time cooking a risotto and I think it turned out pretty well, though the amount we made was way too much for one meal. I can't wait to attempt another risotto soon, maybe add some peppers or seafood into the mix. We've baked salmon tons of times, usually with lemon juice, but this time we baked it with in honey-orange mixture. Overall it turned out to be a great meal that I definitely want to cook again. 

To finish off the weekend of delicious new recipes, we finally got around to trying a vegan ice cream recipe I came across a while ago.
We have been on an ice-cream hiatus due to our excessive over-indulging this summer, so this vegan recipe was the perfect guilty-free (and much healthier) substitute. Enjoy!


  1. I'm so proud of all your cooking! And I'm glad you're still loving that peanut stew :)

    1. I have to get ready for when my favorite master jokester/chef comes to town ;)