Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Oh Madrid, you had me at hello!

I never thought I could love a city so far away from a coast (specifically a beach) but Madrid completely took me by surprise. Practically the most center point of Spain, Madrid is both the capital and historically known party spot within Spain--Tapas were instituted because the people of Madrid were often too intoxicated to do anything productive.

"People won't believe you went to Madrid unless you take a photo with THE bear"
The oldest restaurant in the world!
The architecture was gorgeous, art was everywhere (El Prado!), music was in the air (especially Jazz) and the cuisine was much more local than what we found in Barcelona. Ahhh, to be young and in Spain =) 


  1. Where is this viewpoint place? Just love it! I live two hours away from Madrid, so I definitely have to check it out the next time I'm there...

    1. You definitely should. It's gorgeous and so calming. I wish I could have been here to see a sunset. The name of the park is Parque Pio Felipe and I believe we took the blue subway to the Buenos Aires stop. It's kind of hidden when you get off the stop but if you walk up this big hill you'll see the park once you get to the top near some tennis courts (I believe). Let me know if you make it there =)