Wednesday, September 26, 2012


One night during our stay in Madrid we enjoyed a flamenco show at Cardamomo.

Elizabeth and I were completely mesmerized by the dancers' abilities. Every aspect of Flamenco dancing is intense; Between the high emotions of the dancer, the thick tension between partners, the speed of the footwork and the power of each quick step, we could not take our eyes off the stage. I highly suggest going to see a Flamenco show if you ever get the chance!


  1. You had better save up your vacation again and spend 2 weeks with me in Europe next summer. I'm counting on it! Switzerland, Germany, Austria, wherever, here we come!

    1. Definitely! Let's aim for beginning of July...I like to utilize the free fourth of July Holiday ;)

    2. We'll have to talk it through, with me quitting in June and having to move, etc., I was initially planning on mid July to early August for the whole 3 weeks. But we'll discuss :)