Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ibiza Town

After a glorious day spent at the beach, Elizabeth and I ventured across the island to Ibiza Town. We were pleasantly surprised by the complete change in atmosphere and tone of this part of the island. Ibiza Town is the more historical, foodie, and interesting part of Ibiza for sure; San Antonio, where we were staying, is the hot spot for people would enjoy being obliterated for a majority of the day. After roaming through streets of delicious restaurants we finally decided on In & Out.

The food was unique, melt in your mouth, savory moments of euphoria kind of food...very different from the mediocre touristy food Elizabeth and I ran into all over San Antonio.

First we split a delicious salad with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and giant chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese!

For my main dish I had salmon skewers over humus...
And Elizabeth had lobster-shrimp ravioli
After enjoying one of our favorite meals of the trip we ventured around Ibiza town and stumbled upon the Castle of Ibiza or D'Alt Vila and the Iglesia de Sant Rafel. Unfortunately the sun had already set by the time we started wandering so it was hard to see the details of any of the buildings but it was still fun walking through the winding cobble-stone castle roads at night.

Even though we didn't have any epic clubbing adventures (all of the major clubs were a 30 minute taxi ride to the middle of no where...shady?) Elizabeth and I still enjoyed our brief stay in Ibiza. Off to Madrid next!

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  1. Love that photo of the two of you. And those bottom photos are gorgeous!